ND Drawing Die Manufactuerers

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ND Drawing Die ManufactuerersND Drawing Die Manufactuerers

ND Drawing Die Manufactuerers Products Description The carbide drawing dies use high-quality cemented carbide as the core, which has the characteristics of high hardness, good thermal conductivity and low friction coefficient. This drawing die is simple, corrosion resistant, strong impact resistance, and low price. It is suitable for drawing ferrous metal, large size wire rod, and occasions with poor drawing conditions. Because of the long service life and slow expansion speed of the carbide drawing dies, they are not necessary to change the die frequently, which greatly reduces the labor intensity. Production workers can operate 4-5 gold wire drawing dies at the same time. It can maintain good elasticity and mechanical strength, and is generally used for thick cutting, discontinuous cutting and parts with poor clamping. Details Size and specification: produced according to the samples or drawings provided by customers. Warm tips: carbide drawing dies, according to customer requirements to provide drawings to quote prices. Products Show Productoin Process Product Applications Our Company Our carbide drawing dies has undergone rigorous performance testing and repeated field testing, which ensures its good quality and stable performance.聽 Safety first is the support guarantee of life first, and life first provides the ideological leadership for safety first. We focus on the cultivation and appointment of talents, and provide space and platform for employees to display their talents and potential to the maximum extent. The most advanced wire drawing die sizing tester锛?/strong We actively contacted the outside world and participated in the exhibition, but recently we were unable to exhibit because of the epidemic and had to sell through online. But if you have a need, we also visit you at your company, and you are welcome to visit our company! HOW to order Contact Us聽 tel:+86-550-7020738 Liyuansales01@163.com Zhongdi International City, Tianchang City, Anhui ProvinceND Drawing Die Manufactuerers website:http://www.lywiredrawing.com/nd-drawing-die/