Key Performance Indicators

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Simple explanation of the difference between KPI & KRI

First we should know what are the meaning of these indicators,

(KPI) which is an abbreviation for Key Performance Indicators


Key Performance Indicators

Indicators tell us what needs to be done to significantly increase performance and focus on aspects of performance that are important to achieve the company's goals.

(KRI) which is an abbreviation for Key Risk Indicators

Key Risk Indicators

Indicators tell us how much risk a company can be exposed to or how dangerous a particular project or activity is.
what is the difference between KPIs and KRI

In short and basically:
KPI - A backward-looking indicator that tracks how well you are doing and whether you have achieved your goals or not.
KRI -  is a forward-looking indicator that attempts to predict where you are going and what the potential risks are around you.

This means that the final goal of the KPI is to measure the accomplishment and success of a business.

While the final objective of the KRI is to predict, identify, measure and monitor potential risks.