How many countries does India import from?

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As per the India import data there are many items that India imports from several countries like machinery , petroleum , jewelry etc.

The number of imports in India has grown as per the import export data . Even though India is now a self-sufficient country but due to many reasons they import goods from different countries.

Now that India is a major country many countries want to do business with India to  improve their economy as well as political relationship as well.

As per the India import data there are many items that India imports from several countries like machinery , petroleum , jewelry etc.

The import business in India is very big and helps in making more profit than ever and impacts various economies .

Last year India imported goods worth 580 $ million which was 20 % more than the previous year . In this post we will see how many countries does India import from .

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Where does India import from?


China is one of the largest exporters in the whole world as it produces many goods at a cheap price . It also exports many goods to India as well . Both the countries are known as powerful countries and also maintain a good trade relationship despite the conflicts between them .

India imports cheap raw materials, a few chemicals etc from China .

United States:

India and Usa are countries that everyone wishes to trade with as both of them are very big economies and have powers . The relationship between the both countries has always been good . Both countries trade goods in big quantities as well as they trust each other a lot .

India imports many items from Usa like Machinery and jewelry

United Arab Emirates

India and UAE are not very far from each other on the map and no doubt they hold a very strong and good bond with each other . As per the global import export data we know that dubai is one of the biggest exporter of petroleum products and deals mainly in that .

India also imports petroleum goods and gold  from UAE as it is better in quality and at a cheap price


Germany is famous all over the world for the engineering and mechanical items that they produce and sell . They are in very high demand and in India as well they are also very popular.

Which leads to import of these products from Germany .

Germany and India also enjoy a good relationship both trade and politics . Germany is also a powerful country that can help in improving the economy of India


Switzerland is a hub for making products like watches and guns and many sports equipment as well . India mainly imports such items from Switzerland

There is a huge demand in India for Swiss watches and chocolates while making them popular import items.


In the last few years India and Japan have become really close and both countries have a good trade relationship . The product quality of Japan is very high and is liked very much by Indian consumers . This allows traders to import goods from Japan and to sell in the Indian Market .

Conclusion :

These were the countries from which India imports goods from and have good relationship with them .

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