by on November 20, 2020

Having exclusivity rights to the Madden 21 coins and NCAA makes it impossible for anybody to compete in this type of games.

The only way around it would be to have another football league and create games based on those teams and players, or to make an entire dream league, teams, arenas, logos, etc..

Also, 2k is putting out an arcade NFL game sometime next year. Clearly not a sim such as Madden, but that really allows for something fresh, in which a sim game can not actually do a lot to year.

You're missing the 1 thing that they invest the most amount of cash into which is the rights to the players names in every game. I know yeah is making a killing but you need to knock their shady shit point out how much money they make to the NFL and watch the NFL come knocking at their door for a larger cut Those games ought to be every other year and just update rosters.

I will use basically the same game, tweak a feature or two, make another attribute or 2 pay-to-play, update the rosters, and people will only eat them up like candy at full retail price.

I'm surprised that they haven't started selling the cheap Mut 21 coins game twice a year. Gotta update them rosters to your transactions and injuries and these that happened throughout the entire year!

I mean when I had been a madden dev and had the option to rerelease essentially the same game every year working normal hours, fairly lame, verses having to recreate a top of the line franchise style working my ass off, so I would choose the former I am positive.

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