by on November 19, 2020
There were some men who had a job and BINGO was its name-oh! The explosive growth of legalized gambling that began during the latter years of the administration of Ronald Wilson Reagan belies the thesis that Americans are hardy fiscal conservatives. Today, William Bennett is not the only conservative mouthpiece for ( family values that drops thousands at a time inside the casino walls. What conservative sanctimony, workers without skills taught them by tweedy professors gain. Casinos are big business across America now and there is money to be made even if you aren't pretty, stacked and expensive. Of course, if you are currently looking for work in the gambling industry, you may labor under the suspicion that it's all sham. Where are all the great jobs in the gambling industry? Turn the page and look under gaming. When it comes to employment and public relations, you are as likely to find the word "gambling" when looking for work in casinos are you will find the word "Mafia" when looking for work as a Teamster. Part one in a series of planned articles that I shall be publishing on jobs in the gaming industry will look at look at one of the lesser-known jobs that can provide an experienced worker a fairly decent salary: anywhere between 30 and 40-large a year. Bingo is probably not the first gaming job that comes to mind when you think of casinos. Robert DeNiro ain't never going to play a bingo manager. Catholics and Protestants alike, however, spend more money playing bingo in a casino than Mel Gibson spends time reading Mein Kampf so that explains why the best bingo managers can pull in a salary in excess of the 40K. The bingo played in casinos from Vegas to Atlantic City to Biloxi is usually played in a bingo parlor. That person who is the final voice of authority on all things bingo is the manager. Responsibilities of the bingo manager includes hiring all those that work under him: bingo floor supervisors, paymasters, bingo callers and anyone else involved in the process when those numbers are called and a floor full of seniors scan multiple bingo cards for that elusive B or O. That may not sound like a job worth $30,000 a year, but you have to understand that in some casinos the bingo parlor is one of the biggest rooms in the house. The bingo manager pushing the $40,000 a year mark is more likely to shelf some of his responsibilities onto the back of his assistant. The Assistant Bingo Manager is not under discussion here. But if you are planning on becoming an Assistant Bingo Manager and your supervisor puts you in charge of things, those things might include handling the complaints of shouting seniors and even recommending some promotions. Where can you find a job as a Bingo Floor Manager at a casino? You may want to think about casinos away from Vegas. Bingo is a much bigger gaming attraction on the floating casinos and at Indian reservation casinos. What level of education is required to become a Bingo Floor Manager? Well, not even Florida State University offers a degree program in Bingo Floor Managing, so a college diploma isn't going to impress the casino human resources person conducting the interview. Some Bingo Floor Manager have nothing but a high school diploma to show for their education. What impresses the casino human resource manager who interviews you is your eagerness to learn the bidness. So you start low, learn all you can and rise through the ranks. Most Bingo Floor Managers started out young and sucked in the gaming experience like a vampire slurping on a pale neck. Head to the casino and try to get a job as a floor worker or supervisor depending on you skills. From there the jump to Bingo Floor Manager may not take long. If you have had any kind of supervisory experience in a casino setting for more three or four years, you could start seriously considering going for the bingo job. Try to worm into the bingo area of the casino. Bingo Floor Managers must also be licensed by their state's gaming (Not Gambling!) commission. You already know better than to look for a job as a Bingo Floor Manager under the gambling gaming banner, but you may not even find it by looking for Bingo Jobs. This is a job title that may fall under several different umbrella topics such as casino jobs, bingo operations manager, bingo floor supervisor or even just gaming. Most Bingo Floor Manager are not people who walked in asking for a job, but were instead promoted from within.
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