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My name is sandra and i'm with 2a direct today we're going to talk about the Motorola authorized distributor. i've already laid out all the components that it comes with in this box so first we have the actual radio the antenna the battery the battery door the charger power cord and the belt clip so let's start to build this radio first we have the antenna it goes on this side and you're just going to twist clockwise until it's snug the battery before i put this in the radio i want to show you the charger really quick so there's actually two ways to charge this battery you can charge it by itself or you can charge it within the radio if you have a spare battery this is really important you would want to line up the indicators here from the battery onto the charger and put it in place there the power cord gets placed in the back there's a charging unit here and then you can plug it in what's important here is if you have a spare battery you can charge your spare batteries while you're using your radios with the regular battery so this is just one way to charge it the other way is if you actually insert here and then i have the battery door here so i'm going to lock that so once i have the battery door locked i can insert the radio and this is the front of the radio where the indicators are for the light we can do this and that should charge it as well what's really great about this charger is it actually has a light indicator so you know how much battery this has it'll either show red a yellow orange or green if it's green you know that it's completely charged the last component is the belt clip and you easily insert it here and snap on the top and now your belt clip is ready to be worn all of these accessories can actually be purchased separately in case one of them is damaged or lost it can easily be replaced to check out this radio and all of its components visit our website at 2a or give us a call at 888-742-5893 thanks guys don't forget to like.


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My Mobile  parts repair playlist the playlist of videos where i go on ebay makari and offer up and purchase broken electronic items and try and fix them on camera what we have today is this um this is from makari it's a nokia 9300i from i believe 2004 i'll put it up on screen if it's not 2004 i can't remember i've been eyeing this phone for like a year and a half it was on my watch list nobody ever saw it was initially about 30 dollars something like that 28.30 but then if you remember i bought a porch slot from mccary a few a few days ago you can find the video to that up there in the corner the parts lot um the seller had not paid the proper shipping so i was charged for shipping when it came so i got it reimbursed through macari and they gave me the price i had to pay the extra shipping cost uh in terms of makari credits plus for the hassle i was given a five percent off gift card as well a five percent off coupon so this is what i bought with that i got it for ten dollars as you can see as you saw earlier with the thing this phone um seller isn't sure if it works um there's

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