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Every one of us is eager to make it to the first page of Google, but how many websites make it? And how many are cloaked away on the next? 


The massive expansion of the Online Marketplace has raised the bar for a website's ranking. Not only the linking and content matters for getting seen by viewers but also an affordable dedicated server hosting.


A smooth website running is more likely to grab a spot on the first page of Google than the one run by a poor host.  


The crux of the matter in a site's SEO is choosing a reliable host. Here is how a poor web host affects your website's SEO. 


Downtime and Uptime


If your website is down, it won't show up on the search engine. The glitch caused by the server's downtime will practically devastate the website's SEO. Also, the bounce rate of the website will elevate, and the overall performance will go downhill. Ultimately, the downtime will bring down both SERP and SEO.  


Hence, a non-reliable web host causing frequent downtimes will degrade your website's SEO. Therefore, choosing the best web host for your website to avoid downtime and get maximum (up to 99.95%) uptime to compete in the revving online world.  


The Hosting Location 


The location of your server plays a significant role in facilitating your viewers. A local host will target the local audience and redirect them more swiftly to your site. 

Website owners must include a local IP Address for better ranking on the Google search page. The IO should be as close as possible, at least in your country, to direct relevant audiences to your site. Also, a native server location will benefit the web page load time and download speed too. 


Page Loading Speed


Speed is one of the most important factors in a site's ranking. And the slow loading of web pages indicates a poor web host. 


A Quality web host has a good set of servers to provide the speed NEEDED for a good ranking on Google. The page loading speed of a site must be fast enough to beat all the other competitive websites. Your visitors will prefer to hit the back button rather than waiting for more than 2 seconds. 


Choose the top-notch web host with a zapping speed and CDN and other tools to pick up the pace. After all, the page loading speed determines the reputation of your website. 




Protecting your SEO is also a major concern that is mainly overlooked. A hacker might add spam pages or create fake backlinks to harm your site's SEO. 


A poor web host is not capable of providing the security your website needs against Malware and other grave security issues. Therefore, one should consider opting for a good web host serving high security to save his website's ranking from going down. 


Shared Hosting


The idea of shared hosting might sound good at first, but it is the worst choice a website owner ever makes. Although it is quite cost-effective, it lets you host multiple websites on a shared server. The shared hosting ultimately compromises the quality of hosting.

Moreover, Google itself states that hosting websites on a shared server is against the ethics of SEO. Hence, it does not favor shared hosting.


The cheap hosting providers are often a target of spamming. Extremely low cost hosting providers may serve anyone, even if it's a spammer. Not only this, cheap shared hosting has no security barriers. Therefore it may result in data theft, or your website may be compromised. Shared hosting also does not benefit your website in terms of good speed, reliability, or scalability by any means. 


Hence, even a well built interactive and informative website may lose the chance to grab a place on the first page of Google due to low cost shared hosting. 


Full 24/7 Tech Support


A good hosting company offers 24/7 tech support in case your website goes down. You never know when a website goes down, you might need support any time of the day or the night. Will your hosting company be able to provide support instantly?

Always choose a web host that promises full-time support in case of emergencies. You need good support from experts to maintain your website's performance. The sooner your website gets back up, the more chance it has for a better ranking.

In Conclusion

Choosing a quality largely affects Search Engine Optimization for your site. It plays the role of your website's roots. The stronger the roots, the healthier your website. Always opt for the best hosting company to mark your place on search engines' first search page.

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