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In addition, any money you earn in real life mechanically is transferred to Animal Crossing to pay off your digital debt, which means that you have no spare money to pay for food, rent, etc..

You can place your real life funds back in the Animal Crossing Bells game, but that of course will draw money from your real life bank account, leaving you constantly juggling the two.

You get worthless currency transported into ur accounts And since

You're not able to advance in these matches and you never gain any money in these games causing you to stop gambling all together with a domino effect on your emotional health and you are now clinically depressed and nervous all of the time and start seeing episodes.

A monkey paw is when it Provides you what you asked for, but the way you gain it isn't good (like getting money because your relative died, or with your relative brought back, but as a stunt ) . Everyone else on Animal Crossing Items for sale earth makes the identical money, and soon every debeloped nation on the planet encounters hyperinflation of the money. Cash becomes valueless. Electricity grids shut down, and nobody can play the games ever again as the world rebuilds its market from scratch.

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