by on January 4, 2021

He already said he wasn't gonna touch Madden 21 coins bc of his evaluations plus they won't boost him. In his case he feels"Junk =I am not the best". Wish he'd be public about what he dislikes about the game aside from that....

I was thinking last night, one of screaming that Tyler Lockett missed out on catches with the chunk SITTING ON HIS CHEST WITH HIS BACK ON THE GROUND They also have DK Metcalfs nose ring, but cant add visible mouthguards or any feeling of blitz pick up My son and I played with the past madden several times a week. I bought this version when it dropped and we have played it two together. He tried a couple of games of MUT but this just ai not it. Hey guys! I know who isn't likely to be on the cover of Madden 22!

Whoever buys and plays with this game is just a buy Mut 21 coins addict, the game is unplayable and full of bugs. Gameplay is terrible.

I think that Madden 21 is very good. I also don't buy them annually, so maybe that is why I have another opinion. I believe that the most important issue here is that their version of rolling out new games annually is just obsolete.

They should focus on one game every five years or so, and then update the rosters possibly via DLC. That way they could have more time to implement new features.

Additionally, I really miss NCAA soccer games... There would be new rosters every year, but the game would feel different each year. I just think the older xbox days of pumping games out annually is getting really old for individuals today.

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