Sally Gh
by on October 12, 2019
Gmail’s Dark Mode was thought to be a unicorn. Everyone we asked, no one had it. It seemed to be a very hard thing to find. However, as of 5 minutes ago, both Kellen and I have it for our Gmail apps.
Considering Google said this was rolling out back in September, it’s about d*mn time.
There is a toggle for the app’s Theme inside Gmail’s settings menu, but the app will also follow your system’s theme. For those curious, I’m on app version 2019.09.15.270135155.release, running on a Pixel 3 XL with Android 10. If you’re not seeing it on your device, it’s possible it’s still on its way to you or you’re not on Android 10.
Go check your Gmail!
UPDATE: It’s clear that so many of you have still not received Gmail dark. Again, the reason we shared this was because the two of us received the update at the exact same time after weeks of waiting. You would typically take that as a sign of a wider rollout
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