by on December 30, 2020

I played a game where all of the Madden nfl 21 coins Saints QBs were hurt and they were beginning their Punter at QB. It was either a down or an interception. That is how these matches should be when you've got a bum come in to play QB. It should not require a non QB enjoying QB to have stats like this.

game script. The sport has a narrative for the way the game goes for you (early direct, opponent comes back, you still have a opportunity to win at the end, or a very simple game in which you dominate, or get crushed all game, and variants of all these) You can tell if literally nothing goes your way if you do everything right, or when everything works even passes that should be picked off. It's too obvious they need to tone down it and just make a damn sim in which physicals and ratings matter That I litterally despise how scripted all sports matches are now.

The fact that some matches are unwinnable, normally against ordinary opponents, is just depressing.

When I get the feeling a game is going that way I just sim to the end. IF you're within 2 scores going into the 4th you might get a chance to comeback, that's part of the game script. Hell the match even likes to get you into"2 minute drill to Mmoexp Madden 21 coins get a td" scenarios, along with the AI defense that was playing just like hte legion of excitement for 3 and a half quarters will probably begin acting like a Gregg williams jets shield , down into the play forecast of press coverage without a safeties back simply to give you the exciting win.

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