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I feel for M20, there can be a passing meta tag given the beta, which is why id rather go with 4-3 to where I can rely on 2-3 linebackers in coverage. But in M20, I believed that 4-3 wide was so convenient to Madden 21 coins operate against the run and pass, given you've great LB's with adequate coverage stats.Do you believe it's 3-4 > 4-3 for all of MUT or does this shift together with how every beta feels? Why exactly do you feel that way?

Thanks again for your article. Best of luck that this MUT year.

Great manual!! The one thing I discovered that was not mentioned was that the players it is possible to select for loyalty. Does anyone with this sub remember the players that they mentioned on the MUT stream that are available for loyalty rewards?

On the team builders can you get both the offense and defense participant. It states once you finish the challenge you get a choice. As a person who enjoys having a motif team I had been hoping to find both.Thank you for the write up amazing job much valued. I'm gonna try mut again. This past year I got lost by November as I play with the show and 2k. Let's hope I have the same success in mut since I do in diamond dynasty.

Can we have some indication of the Mmoexp Mut 21 coins number of Team Builders we can get purely from grinding?? I've seen people presume 10 but I have not seen anything set in stone.And theme king solos from this past year were an absolute nightmare.

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