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How long does it take to get the Enhanced Excalibur? If I use the Saradomin Godsword, Improved Excalibur, Guthans, or any combination? Are there some tricks to faster kills of Abyssal Demons? Can a +95 combat (When I struck 85 slay I believe ) have the RS gold ability to manage them easily? Are Abyssal Demons powerful or weak for 120's? Is it true that the Ring of Wealth help them drop whips? Can I need them as a task to fight them? Do I want to possess any task to combat them?

What's the most practical place to go and combat them casually? Are there any great teleports into the demons? Are they multi-combat, should I need a friend to help? Are there some annoying people with cannons? How frequently do they drop Abyssal Whips? I was thinking of this setup for murdering them, I'm hoping they are melee: Head: Warrior Helm. I'm just wondering, anyone have some links to guides for abyssal demons, or guidance?

How cool a question of interest to me too. I low alch with all the explorer ring - but thats just because its free xp - but limited to about 30 a day. I utilize the nats I get to superheat ore. I get nats in drops as im fighting different monsters. But I know there's a list of monsters and fall stats if you want to slay to get a stack of nats?

I train slayer and overlook that which critter had the best nat drops. . I know the roaches fall nats,but unless your into battling a good deal then relying upon this for nat generation is powerful slow. On the other hand - the prices are extremely low on things now and runes are cheap to buy when you have the gp to however a mighty stack. I've just played because 08 and I believe this is the lowest I've seen prices move. Previously I sold runes,but now I am burning them up as its not a big lose of cash to use the runes I possess. At this time anyway - Although stuff changes... And I truly look forward to this newest idiotic upgrade to be figured out in our world. Till then im off to knock a few gold loose from the monsters butt.

I've got similar stats, and I recently obtained a slayer mission for fire giants. So here is how I'm fighting them: Lease - A sheet of food. A dragon dagger to special with every now and then. Glarial's amulet so I can go into the waterfall to combat them. Fully charged games necklace to bank every now and then at the Barbarian Outpost.

So far, it is working really good and that I just have to buy rs gold paypal bank when I can not hold any more drops. You're seriously better off with a whip rather than Guthan's war spear. The damage per second of the spear is awful, so just re-banking when you need to is quicker. Switch to a whip if you don't have to heal then. Simple to solve.

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