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Have spoken to shamen and he's chosen the wompum belt out of me. I have arrived in the rock, examined it, utilized shovel on it utilized (a) a flashlight on crevis, (b) a candle onto crevis. It give me a message something like"It is RS gold too dark to see". Sorry can not recall the exact wording, It has been about a week since I last attempted. Have to have attempted at least one hundred times and no matter how fast I'm, the candle is thrown to the crevis along with the rope won't attach. Tried following the Actions laid out in Sal's Quest Guide but still the same Outcome.

I don't know whether it is relevent, but in the screenshot on the manual it reveals the stone as grey with a huge brown band. Mine is all grey? First of all -- it's really helpful to always check your Quest Journal and make sure it says you're on the ideal track. To do that, click on the blue star -- scroll down to the quest"Shilo Village" and see what it's to do next. Given that: (a) You've talked at length with Trufitus; AND (b) Asked him about the Legend of Rashiliyia; AND Actually, you know, listened to (read) the narrative; AND (d) Told Trufitis you will look for the Temple of Ah Za Roon.

THEN you're in fact ready to go and search for it. In finding Ah Za Roon, the guide is most explicit in its directions: Light the Candle with your Tinderbox, examine the mound and then dig along with your Spade. Twist your Lit Candle into the Fissure that appears, and then throw your Rope down. Climb down and you'll be in a cavern. Proceed several paces south and you should find a Cave-In; hunt it and wriggle through. Make sure you not follow the trails along the river! Take it step by step: 1 ). Lighting the candle. 2. "Look" in the mound. 3. 4. Throw your candle into the fissure. 5. Then throw your rope down. 6. Climb down.

Looking at the real world, a topic that was brought up a very long time past, and RuneScape, I had a terrific idea. (imagine fantasy reenactment from Windows 7 commercials) What would happen if I spent in an item, and used inflation to gain profit? In the real world, the government must put money into the economy to keep it going, if only a few million dollars here and there. In Sals clan chat quite a while ago, somebody brought up the question about where everyone gets their money. Individuals gave the clear answer, monster drops, but it is quite unlikely that each the cash comes from monster drops.

Half the time, I don't even pick UP the money! I was thinking about it, and the only logical conclusion was that Jagex inserts money into the market, through general shops, specialty stores, pking drops, monster drops, and maybe even the GE. My thought, or rather, my potential idea is that: Imagine if I purchased millions or tens of thousands of an item, and then held onto it for cheap RuneScape gold 3 years? Can I gain money from the pure inflation of the market? Is there inflation in RuneScape (I'm pretty sure there's )? Please help and thanks ahead of time.

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