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His contribution to science, engineering, and space exploration is unparalleled in contemporary times. I believe his flavour of OSRS gold futurism takes next to no consideration of the working class, and by extension has a great deal of ideas which are absurd at best and dangerous at worst.

If we eliminated everything out of the world which has some bad parts to it, then there will be no good left.Its around 3500$ for 43bil on rs3 on the first gold selling website google supplied to me.

Recall buying santa for 150k once I began playing selling it for 21 mil few years later, and I itho I left such great thing. How much is it currently on rs3?

Crimson santa hat today goes for Cheap Runescape gold a bit more than maximum coin stack, sold for 2350M lately. The Black Santa Hat that's a later (2013) rare is a good deal more costly. But suffice to say you could've gotten a much larger profit in the present day, lol.

I cannot wait to see how fucking mad the 20 year emote Will be and how many folks I'm going to annoy with it Same (created it at the late 2004) and while I haven't logged in to osrs for almost a year I still don't consider that as me quitting that game.

I have not logged in as 2010 I presume, after stopping in 2007. Bear in mind that the Easter Bunny ears that they dropped in 2003 or 2004? . I wonder if they removed old accounts if people haven't logged in a decade lol

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